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Al Fakher Gum with Mint 50g

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Al Fakher Gum with Mint 50g
A mix that provides the traditional icy, cool flavor of spearmint leaves.

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Gum with Mint from Al Fakher tobacco is a cool spearmint blend that is reminiscent of a stick of spearmint gum. This shisha tobacco flavor offers up a unique twist on the standard mint flavor that provides a smooth cooling effect. The delicious spearmint gum flavors also add a level of complexity to your session.

Al Fakher shisha tobacco is made in the United Arab Emirates and is one of the more well-known brands of tobacco in the Middle East. This mid to high-grade tobacco has a consistent flavour and is well known for the smoothness of its smoke. We are constantly replenishing our supplies so your shisha tobacco will arrive fresh and be tasting great!


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