Candy Satellite | Barberry Lollipops | 125gm

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Satellite lollipop – candies from your childhood

Satellite Lollipop is the barberry sweetness known from childhood. The paste is sweet with sourness, and thanks to the mineral base, the taste is bright and lasts for a very long time.

Space Smoke is an innovative tobacco-free, mineral-based hookah mixed. The product is ready to use, for clogging you only need to apply 10-15gm paste into a bowl, depending on its size. from the very first minutes, you will receive a plentiful amount of smoke and a rich taste that will last throughout the entire smoking period. One tube is enough for 8-9 fillings. Ideal to experience a new taste of Hookah. Each Smoke Space Flavor is available in a tube of 125gm.

For comfortable use of the Paste, funnel bowls are ideal. The Space Smoke line is composed of 19 flavors that can endlessly be mixed with each other, as well as smoke mixed with tobacco.

For those who like stronger Hookah’s, we have developed an enhancer of the hardness strength, this is why we call it Space Smoke paste without a bad smell only fruity freshness.

The basic Space Smoke is lightweight, adding hardness to the mix will not change its aroma, but will increase the strength of the desired level. Hardness is a natural liquid of nicotine applied to a mineral base, so we recommend not using more than 40% of the cup. a small amount is enough to significantly increase the strength.

Main Advantages:
Rich & Bright Taste
Unlimited Mixology
The duration of smoking from one plug is up to 2hrs.
High heat resistance ensures stability, preservation of taste and strength throughout the entire smoking period.
Hygenic & convenient packaging, it takes 15 seconds only to prepare the bowl also keeps your hands and workplace clean.


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