Dschinni Juice Silver Hookah Set

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The latest premium creation from Dschinni. Finest materials for a juice smoking experience!

Scope of delivery: Technical details:

1x Dschinni Juice Shisha

1x Dschinni Kaminaufsatz Vulcan Air

1x Dschinni Silikonkopfdichtung Ultra Grip

1x Dschinni Seflex 2.0

1x Dschinni Glaskopf Nero

1x Dschinni Candyhose Silver

1x Dschinni aluminum hocus pocus matte silver mouthpiece

1x Dschinni coal tongs silver

Height measured to the head adapter: approx. 62 cm

Gewicht: ca. 6,2 kg

The best stainless steel V4A (316L) meets beautiful crystal glass and the latest smoking behavior, which guarantees a delicious, thick smoke.

Stainless steel: Premium Shisha must also be premium, so we always specify the exact alloy and do not hide behind cheap V2A, but even come with an increase in material. The best is good enough for us, which is why we chose the best stainless steel. The stainless steel is an extremely corrosion-resistant alloy which makes it ideal for use in restaurant kitchens, swimming pools, salt water and in the chemical industry. Due to its extreme hardness, V4A is very difficult to machine, which is why many simply do not manufacture it due to the high production costs. But Dschinni wants exactly these advantages from stainless steel for its discerning customers.

Glass: The glass is lead-free crystal glass, which is manufactured using the latest technical processes and thus lead can be dispensed with, which makes the glass much more valuable than the outdated production methods where unhealthy lead had to be added to ensure stability . Therefore, always make sure that the crystal glass is lead-free. The bowl has a beautiful conical shape with lots of crystal elements, which makes it rich in detail and a real eye catcher. The glass is very thick-walled and massive, it shows great glass craftsmanship and the highest quality with a breathtaking look.

Blow-out valve: The blow-out valve is integrated under the molasses catcher and envelops the bowl in fine mist when it is blown out

Draft: The draft is perfectly coordinated, not too large a draft that makes smoking sometimes uncontrollable and also no traditional smoking behavior where you get a headache after a while, but simply a perfect coordination between the two. All diameters are balanced. This gives you a perfect smoke development with a great taste even if you smoke with several people. The immersion tube has a slide-on diffuser, so that you can keep the water level the same and still turn the shisha down.

Plate: The plate has punched out waves on which you can tap the coal and put it down without running out of coal if it lies with one side on the plate for too long. And the ash falls into the grooves and does not cover the hot coal with another ash film. And the coal gets oxygen on the ground.

Head: The scope of delivery includes the new Nero glass head, with the new Seflex 2.0 with base shell and the new Ultra Grip silicone head.

Hose: The hose is my 14.4 cut and a candyhose. The candyhose has grooves, which make it difficult to kink the hose. The Hokus Pokus are ergonomic in the hand and make a wonderful visual impression.

Plate cut : The plate of the Juice has an 18.8 cut.

Hose connection: The juice can be used with 1 hose


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