Dschinni Bonnie Hookah Set

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Scope of delivery:


1x Djinni fireplace attachment


1x Djinni Seflex


1x Djinni glass head Nero


1x Silicone head gasket


1x carbon plate


1x two-piece head adapter 18.8 cut


1x Smoke Column Silver


1x Base


1x tube adapter/ground joint adapter 14.4/14.5


1x High Borosilicate bowl


1x dip tube


1x Diffuser


1x Dschinni Candyhose Silver


1x Dschinni kink protection spring


1x Djinni Aluminium Hokus Pokus Silver mouthpiece


1x Djinni Coal Tongs Silver




Set: YES


Color: Clear/Silver




Technical Details:


Size: approx. 60 cm (measured with head and chimney).


Weight: approx. 3 Kg


Plate cut: 18.8


Tube adapter ground joint: 14.4/14.5


Material: Stainless steel


Material bowl: high borosilicate glass


Diffuser: YES


Suitable hygienic mouthpieces:  Hygienic mouthpiece short and long


Head adapter: 2-piece, 18/8 ground joint


Tube adapter: 14,4/14,5 grind, compatible with all candyhoses


Glass & smoke column connection: threaded


Hose connections: 4


diameter plate: approx. 20 cm


Hose length: 150 cm


Length mouthpiece: approx. 40 cm


Length tongs: about 22 cm


Valve ball: 10 mm


Water capacity: Approx. 0,7 L




The perfect table and travel shisha


that the size does not mean anything, proves our Djinni Bonnie, which is underestimated at first sight. We have here a form – and function perfect Shisha, which leaves nothing to be desired.

Due to the optimized proportions, the smoke density is just perfectly dense and firm, while somehow losing draft and smoke flavor.


The materials and the quality of manufacturing speak for themselves, we use only the best and selected materials. The finishing of the shishas makes it clear very quickly that these are not standard shishas.

For the glass, we use only high borosilicate glass 3.3. The glass is heat-resistant and extremely robust. Unlike other standard shishas, the bowl can be washed with hot water, which is what high borosilicate glass is designed for.


The shape of the bowl is harmoniously coordinated and works harmoniously with the overall impression, in addition, the shape provides an optimal pleasant smoking experience.

The solid base gives the hookah a very stable hold and looks in addition very noble. It also optimally saves space without losing stability.


Stainless steel is not equal to stainless steel there are different gradations of stainless steel, we use only very high quality 304 stainless steel.

The final finishing of the surface after the CNC process gives the surface quality and the thread again an enormous upgrade. The shisha has a 14.4/14.5 hose adapter as standard, which works with a ground joint. The blind plugs are just placeholders, the blow-off valve is used to drain stale smoke from the bowl. You can connect up to 4 hose adapters to the shisha and enjoy the shisha with up to 4 people. The corresponding ground joint adapters can be found here on our homepage (www.dschinni-shisha.com).

The 14.4./14.5 grind is the optimal proportioning of the dimensions and tuning of the smoking behavior. An 18.8 grind and thus larger diameter does not have a positive effect on the smoking behavior. You therefore do not need any additional seals etc. as with the old shishas, we have a flush system that feels like a magnetic closure.


At the plate we have a 18.8 cut which brings decisive advantages, on the one hand you can attach molasses catchers with a 18.8 cut and other decorative accessories with a standardized 18.8 cut.


The Closed Chamber in this form in stainless steel shishas comes from the house Dschinni, we were the ones who invented the principle and established as always. In the Closed Chamber system, the base is a half-body that has 2 perpendicular holes that bundle the air flow into a laminar flow and thus can reach deeper levels of the bowl without breaking and creating turbulence. The advantage of this is that the stale non-smokable portion of the smoke vapor mixture of the hookah can be completely blown out.


Not for nothing is this Shisha one of our top sellers especially in the summer for vacationers or for customers who like to have a high quality table pipe.




Cleaning: You can clean the bowl with hot water! This is due to our high borosilicate glass 3.3 We recommend to put a teaspoon of Schmandweg in the bowl and pour boiling water over this. Please do not use strong detergents. After that, please swirl vigorously and let it steep overnight. The next day, rinse thoroughly and remove any residues.


We recommend to clean the shishas regularly.


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