Hookah White One

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New from Nube Unique

The hookah is made of white Austrian polyacetal. The shaft and other metal parts are made of high-strength AISI 321 stainless steel.

White One has a patented Cool Down Bowl Blowout system. Using the rotary valve, you can instantly get rid of overheating of the mixture.

The hookah kit includes: Mine, saucer, mouthpiece, white hose and Soft Touch gaskets

Hookah made AISI-321 stainless steel, which is distinguished by excellent anti-corrosion properties, increased heat resistance and heat resistance
For a secure fixation of the hose, it is used Reliable “Nube Click” Connector in Oringas
The bowls are blown out using the “Cool Down” technology with the help of rotary valve
Hookah shaft completed from the Austrian polyacetal
Mouthpiece made stainless steel with polyacetal lining
Saucer made high strength stainless steel
Complete with hookah is provided gaskets and white Soft Touch silicone hose
Height of the submersible shaft to the bowl 51.5 cm
Height from base to bowl 30 cm
Mouthpiece length 21 cm
Assembled weight (without flask and bowl) 2.85 kg
Submersible shaft length 21.5 cm
Color variations to choose from Hookah Black One



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